Meet The Folks at Westholme

Krystal, Gary and Zack

If you happen to stop by the farmstand, these are the faces you’ll likely see out in the yard. More than likely I (Krystal) will be down in the garden or tending the chickens if I’m not swinging a hammer building something right in the driveway. Rain or shine, you will generally see me out there doing something.

We are a homeschooling family so you will often see Zack running around the yard, playing with the dog or jumping on a trampoline in the middle of a school day. He’s not home sick, he’s just done his school work for the day already. Zack is a great help with harvesting the vegetables when things get to be a bit much for one person and, as he grows, he’s getting to be great help when I need to move/lift something that’s too big or awkward for one person. He loves playing outside in the rain so please excuse him for looking like a feral drowned rat if you happen to come by when it’s wet out. This happens a lot with the weather we’ve had this year.

Gary works a regular 8-5, Monday to Friday job so it’ll be a lot less likely that you’ll see him. Farming is really not his thing (and that’s totally ok!) but he’s been amazingly supportive of all of my crazy plans and is always there to help when I need him.


The Farm Dog

Renji the Beagle

A beagle probably wouldn’t be most people’s first choice for a farm dog, it certainly wouldn’t have been mine had the farm come before the dog and not the other way around. With TONS (and I do mean tons) of training, Renji has grown to be an awesome farm pup who absolutely adores his chickens. We’re pretty proud of how far he’s come. He’s definitely a good boy.

This guy will be the first to greet you (with his lovely beagle barks) if you stop by the farmstand. Where the farmstand is new, he’s still getting used to strangers stopping in our yard. Apologies in advance for his loud “welcome”. We hope he will eventually learn that the new people at the end of the driveway are nothing to bark at.

Also, because he has a tendency to follow his nose on adventures, Renji is tied. While he may bark his greeting, his tether doesn’t allow him to reach the farmstand at the end of the driveway so he won’t be coming out to physically say hello.

The Chickens

Our Boys

We hatched 18 chicks in a homemade incubator this past spring. Of those 18, a whopping 12 of them were little roosters. How’s that for odds?! We found homes for some but these six we just can’t bear to part with, we love them all too much.

All of the roosters except Eleven moved to a bachelor coop across the yard late in the summer of 2023. Lucky took over as head rooster in the boys’ coop but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep Rederick in line and Red had to move back in with his brother Eleven and the hens. Everyone is happy with this arrangement.

Shortly afterwards Margaret unfortunately died of a heart attack. RIP Buddy.

After Margaret died, it upset the pecking order in a major way and Noel (literally) flew the coop. During one of his escapes, he fell in love with some Easter Egger pullets across the yard. Pullets I had just sold! He was so happy that I ended up keeping the pullets and building a coop for them. They’ve lived happily ever after since. You can read the full Noel story here.

Lucky and Ted now man the bachelor coop alone. They’re happy living the bachelor life but I’m hoping to get them some hens come in 2024. It only seems fair since all of their hatch mates have girls of their own.

20231025 125406 01


Eleven “Levy”

20231122 134313 01 01

Rederick “Red”

20231027 161024 01 01

Noel “Noelan”

Margaret (deceased)

May 5, 2023 – October 4, 2023

20231207 150153 01 01

Ted “Teddy”

Our Girls

The first six of these girls were hatched right here at Westholme. Ginger and Shiro were gifted to us from my sister’s farm and the last four with the Greek god/goddess names (thank my son for those names!) are Easter Egger girls that I purchased from a local breeder. Eventually these dozen pullets will gift us up to eight brown eggs and four green ones per day. We’re still waiting for five of them to lay their first egg though – Ruby, Posie, Nemesis and Nyx are holding out on us.

20231107 120143 01 01



20231107 115720 01 01



Juniper “June”

Marigold “Mary”

20231130 081552 01 01


20231130 081618 01 01


20231208 160804 01 01



Artemis “Artie”

20231208 160718 01 01

Nemesis “Nemmy”


Poseidon “Posie”

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