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Established in 2022, Westholme is a fledgling farmstead (homestead/micro farm) with big dreams. While I (Krystal) am the heart and driving force behind the farmstead, my husband Gary is happy to help when I need a little extra muscle to get the job done and my son Zack loves to help pull weeds, harvest the gardens (especially the root vegetables and the peas) and feed the chickens.

I am passionate about growing our produce organically and using natural methods of pest control. We are not certified organic but all of our produce is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our chickens are pets with benefits (eggs!) and are raised on pasture where they have free access to bugs, grass and sunshine so they can produce the healthiest eggs possible. We currently have 12 girls and 5 boys but that is subject to change at pretty much any time! I have plans to add a few more in the spring of 2024.

Our first year saw us get established with gardens and building the infrastructure for chickens. This year, in our second year, we will focus on raising those chickens (and building more infrastructure still because chicken math got us) while we work on increasing our fruit and vegetable harvest. We just opened a small farmstand at the end of our driveway in August 2023 where you might be lucky enough to find our surplus produce and eventually fresh eggs from happy, pasture raised chickens. Hopefully we will start getting eggs in October of this year (2023). I am currently in the process of building a “Boy’s Club” coop where our extra roosters will get to live out their lives as a bachelor flock. We don’t eat our friends here even though that makes us terrible farmers.

Looking ahead to year three, we are planning to add several additional garden spaces and possibly a small greenhouse to keep the farmstand stocked on a full time, seasonal, basis. I’d like to add some more hens as well so, in addition to the new growing spaces, there are plans for (yet another) chicken coop for our expanding flock. We had hoped to have Easter Egger chicks available in the spring but our Easter Egger hens have not started laying yet as of December 2023 so that is, unfortunately, looking unlikely at this point. Maybe later in the season though!

We are located on the South Mountain of Kings County, Nova Scotia in McGee Lake.

The Farmstand

Fresh, Organically Grown Vegetables + Pastured Eggs

The farmstand is closed until spring and has been moved in away from the road so the snowplow doesn’t get it. We do occasionally have eggs available and, when I do, they will be posted on our Facebook page.
The farmstand is located on North River Road in McGee Lake, Kings County, NS.
Look for us on your way to Aylesford Lake from early spring until late fall!

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We are located in McGee Lake, Nova Scotia.

Our farmstand is open daily (weather permitting) from 9am until all eggs and produce are gone or until 7pm - whichever comes first!

You'll find the farmstand at the end of our driveway from early spring until late fall.

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